Invest with 7% interest per year, for 5 years

IPv4 and investing: 7% interest guaranteed


Access2.IT Group B.V.  provides ICT and online marketing services to SMEs, corporate, telecom companies, governments, and other hosting companies (resellers) all over the world. Since our foundation in 2013, we have grown considerably. We have ISO-certified data centers, routers, servers, fiber optic, and IP addresses – all managed by us. Investments are mainly made with our own capital and the growth is facilitated by reinvestment of the income.


IP addresses are an important part of business operations. As we noticed that IP addresses were sold out at the official European registrars, we scaled up our investments in 2019. This was mainly done with our own capital, but also with loans of family and friends. Now it’s time to scale up even faster. Therefore, we are looking for investors. To be able the offer the necessary guarantees to investors, the investments are made through a separate investment B.V. called Imondio B.V.

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